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Advanced Excimer Laser-Based Vascular and Dermatological Therapies

Ra Medical Systems’ advanced excimer laser systems are tools for use in the treatment of vascular and dermatological diseases. We believe our products enhance patients’ quality of life by restoring blood-flow in arteries and clearing chronic skin conditions.

We currently manufacture and market two lines of products:

DABRA is our minimally-invasive excimer laser and disposable catheter system that is used by physicians as a tool in the endovascular treatment of vascular blockages resulting from lower extremity vascular disease, a form of peripheral artery disease, or PAD, both above- and below-the-knee.  DABRA breaks down plaque to its fundamental chemistry, such as proteins, lipids and other chemical compounds, eliminating blockages by essentially dissolving them without generating potentially harmful particulates. Unlike many treatments for PAD that may damage the arterial wall, DABRA quickly,  photochemically dissolves plaque with minimal vascular trauma.

DABRA has been cleared by the FDA for crossing chronic total occlusions in patients with symptomatic infrainguinal lower extremity vascular disease and has an intended use for ablating a channel in occlusive peripheral vascular disease. In addition, DABRA was granted CE mark clearance in September 2016 for the endovascular treatment of infrainguinal arteries via atherectomy and for crossing total occlusions.

Pharos Excimer Laser is a powerful 308 nm ultraviolet-B excimer laser used by physicians as a tool to treat chronic skin diseases, including psoriasis, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, and leukoderma. Pharos has FDA clearance to market Pharos in the U.S. for those skin conditions and CE mark clearance for use in the treatment of those skin conditions, as well as market clearance in China and South Korea. 

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Tracking the True Lumen and Making the Turns in Calcium Without a Wire

Dr Airoldi describes how DABRA advances with a gentle push and makes the turns in hard calcium, tracking the native vessel without a wire, below the knee. Patient has renal failure and is on dialysis.

“The Catheter itself performed the 2 curves and the straight portion of the artery.”

Flavio Airoldi, MD. Multimedica, Italy


The Pharos Excimer Laser “has been a great addition to our practice. Our patients have loved the results, especially our vitiligo, and psoriasis patients.”

Sidney B. Smith, MD

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In addition to advancing vascular and dermatological medicine, Ra Medical Systems is committed to keeping physicians, patients, and shareholders up-to-date on our latest news. Visit our Newsroom for complete press releases, news coverage, and videos of DABRA, Pharos, and Ra Medical Systems.


Ra Medical Systems in the News

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    Medical Plastics News Medtech and Biotech Gender Equality

    Why It’s Time We Took the Gender Issue Seriously "Women hold 17% of senior management positions and 34% of middle management positions in life sciences companies. Strikingly, these numbers have not changed in the past five years." The above words can be found in The Progress of Women Executives in Read More...


  • Ra Medical Systems Announces Confidential Submission of Draft Registration Statement for Proposed Initial Public Offering

    May 29, 2018 08:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time CARLSBAD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ra Medical Systems, Inc. today announced that it has confidentially submitted a draft registration statement on Form S-1 to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) relating to the proposed initial public offering of its common stock. The number Read More...


  • Stat News (The Boston Globe) Interviews Ra Medical Systems EVP Melissa Burstein

    Melissa Burstein, EVP at Ra Medical Systems

    More female leaders will help drive innovation in the medtech and biotech industries I’m proud to be the executive vice president of a medical device company I co-founded 16 years ago. I love my industry and the innovative changes it creates that improve people’s lives around the world. And yet Read More...


  • FOX News Interviews Endovascular Surgeon Dr. Padidar on DABRA

    DABRA Endovascular Catheter and Excimer Laser for Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment (PAD)

    Known for his success with minimally invasive surgery solutions, endovascular surgeon Dr. Arash Padidar is a big proponent of the DABRA endovascular catheter and excimer laser. His success with DABRA won the attention of FOX 2 News, who interviewed Dr. Padidar. “DABRA vaporizes any plaque [arterial plaque] inside your blood Read More...


  • BioSpace Covers Ra Medical Systems’ Appointment of Andrew Jackson as CFO

    The Perfect Fit for Ra Medical Published: Apr 19, 2018 CARLSBAD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- RA Medical Systems, Inc., manufacturers of laser-based solutions for the treatment of cardiovascular and dermatological diseases, announced today that the Company has appointed Andrew Jackson as its Chief Financial Officer, effective immediately. Mr. Jackson has over 20 Read More...


  • Industry Welcomes Suspension of Device Tax

    HEALTH CARE: Tax Said to Hurt Staffing, R&D Efforts at Cos. San Diego — February 5, 2018 While San Diego’s medtech hub is cheering the recent suspension of a 2.3 percent excise tax on medical device makers, a full repeal remains the industry’s ultimate goal. A deal that Congress struck Jan. Read More...


  • Healthcare Has Healthy Impact on San Diego Real Estate

    January 29, 2018 Healthcare and related industries continue to exert growing impact on demand for commercial real estate in San Diego County. Among the latest examples is developer Sudberry Properties’ ground-breaking for a second 158,000-square-foot office building at the Scripps Ranch headquarters of client MedImpact Healthcare Systems Inc., a major Read More...


  • 24 CEOs and Execs on the Daily Habits That Made Them Successful

    January 19, 2018 Ra Medical Systems’ CEO, Dean Irwin, has been a part of a trending inspirational article. Originally published by Inc., the article quoted 24 CEOs and executives on their daily habits that have contributed to their success. Irwin’s habit of choice is perseverance! The article is now being Read More...


  • Following FDA Approval for PAD, Ra Medical Steps Up Hiring

    Carlsbad, Calif.- January 16, 2018, based RA Medical Systems closed out 2017 with the launch of its newly approved peripheral artery disease (PAD) treatment. Ra’s DABRA (Destruction of Arteriosclerotic Blockages by laser Radiation Ablation) system became available to customers in October after receiving a May approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The company Read More...


  • Medtech Cos. Look to Derail Device Tax

    January 5, 2018 San Diego — Carlsbad’s Ra Medical Systems is among the medtech companies that say the return of a 2.3 percent excise tax on medical devices sold in the U.S. threatens expansion and hiring plans. Congress failed to deliver on promises to kill the tax, which resumed Jan. 1 Read More...


Press Releases

Press Releases

DABRA Vascular Testimonials

  • "DABRA Pulled MAGIC In 1 Minute"

    "We had a dramatic DABRA case. Facing amputation. We were struggling for two hours without any success for a CTO right AT. DABRA pulled MAGIC in 1 minute. We crossed the lesion. It’s a two-in-one. You are crossing the CTO and modifying the plaque. Aborted amputation."


    Athar Ansari, MD, FACC - California Heart & Vascular Clinic El Centro, CA


  • "We Were Able To Stay Within True Lumen"

    "When it comes to total occlusion, normally if you can’t cross with a guidewire, you can’t do it. With DABRA, we were able to stay within the true lumen and recanalize without a wire in front."


    Ehtisham Mahmud, MD, FACC, FSCAI - UC San Diego Cardiovascular Clinic


  • "A Part Of Everyone’s Armamentarium"

    "I think DABRA should be a part of everyone’s armamentarium."


    Athar Ansari, MD, FACC - California Heart & Vascular Clinic El Centro, CA


  • "In my experience, none of the other devices maintain the vessel…"

    "It is remarkable technology. I think it’s going to be a real game changer. In my experience none of the other devices maintain the vessel open like DABRA without a stent. Plus, you don’t have to spend so much time in the Cath Lab with exposure to radiation."


    Ernesto Rodriguera, MD, FACC - Excel Medical Center Tijuana, Mexico


  • "I Think That’s Spectacular"

    "The key is to recanalize it safely and effectively. With this new catheter, I am able to do it as an outpatient with 3 minutes of fluoro time. I think that’s spectacular."


    Athar Ansari, MD, FACC - California Heart & Vascular Clinic El Centro, CA


  • "The Cost Savings Are Remarkable"

    "The laser should revolutionize the interventional peripheral world. The cost savings are remarkable. They are about a third of the price."


    Ernesto Rodriguera, MD, FACC - Excel Medical Center Tijuana, Mexico


  • "Really Simple And Very Safe"

    "It’s very easy, very simple, very trackable, and I did not encounter any problems in the technique. It is really simple and very safe."


    Marzia Lugli, MD - Hesperia Hospital Mendona, Italy


Pharos Dermatology Testimonials

  • "Our patients love the results"

    "The Pharos has been a great addition to our practice. Our patients love the results, especially our vitiligo patients and our psoriasis patients. It's been a great purchase for the clinic."


    Sidney B. Smith, MD, DermaHealth, Richland, WA


  • "Our workhorse"

    "The UCI dermatology vitiligo clinic uses Pharos Excimer Lasers. These are our workhorses for vitiligo. We have two Pharos lasers and they are heavily in use five days a week."


    Christopher Zachary, MD – UC Irvine Health Dermatology Center


  • "Remarkable restoration of pigment"

    "We really find Pharos to be an integral part of vitiligo treatment, especially on the face—remarkable restoration of pigment."


    E. Victor Ross, MD – Scripps Clinic Carmel Valley


  • "There is hope for vitiligo."

    "The excimer laser is a very important part of the treatment armamentarium for vitiligo. The combination of pigment stimulation and safe local immunosuppression gives rates of success of up to 70%. There is hope for vitiligo."


    Brook Brouha, MD, PhD – West Dermatology


  • "Transform patients’ lives"

    "I have been using Pharos lasers for over 13 years to treat vitiligo. In fact, I have 3 Pharos. Treatment is painless, quick, and can transform patients’ lives as they see improvement."


    David J. Goldberg, MD, JD – Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of New York and New Jersey


  • "The economics in going with Ra Medical Systems’ Pharos make it a no-brainer."

    "Our Pharos excimer has been a real workhorse in our practice. Of all of the lasers in the office, it is one of the most used. I consider it indispensable. It's a must-have in the armamentarium of treating vitiligo and fills an important niche for many of our..."  Read More


    Bill Halmi, MD - Arizona Advanced Dermatology, Gilbert, AZ


  • "I can't imagine practicing without it."

    "Even in the age of new oral systemic and biologic therapies, I find the excimer laser an extremely useful tool to have at my disposal. As an alternative to systemic therapy or a compliment to it, my patients love having another option at their disposal. Now that I..."  Read More


    Michael Sonabend, MD – Complete Dermatology, Sugar Land, TX


  • "The most profitable laser in our practice."

    "The Ra Medical Systems’ excimer laser has been the most profitable laser in our practice. It has exceeded our expectations on efficiency, clinical efficacy, and patient satisfaction."


    Nathan Trookman, MD - Colorado Springs Dermatology, Colorado Springs, CO


  • "Outstanding results delivered by this laser"

    "The Pharos laser has been a mainstay for treatment of resistant localized plaque psoriasis in our office for many years. We are on our third generation Pharos excimer laser from Ra Medical Systems and treatments are in high demand by our patient population who know the outstanding results..."  Read More


    David Vasily, MD – Lehigh Valley Dermatology, Bethlehem, PA


  • "Better Results than with the Other Excimer Laser"

    "I've been an excimer laser patient for a few years. Recently my physician switched from offering the other excimer laser to the Pharos laser and I am experiencing even better results.  My Pharos treatments not only provide quicker results but also an overall improvement in my condition. I..."  Read More


    Tracy M., Patient, Chicago, IL


  • "Best business and medical decision I have ever made."

    "We are very pleased with the laser and I think of it as one of the best business and medical decisions I have made."


    Scott Sanders, MD - Scott Sanders Dermatology, New York City, NY


  • "Best Laser I Have"

    "It works extremely well and is a money maker for my practice.  It’s the best laser I have."


    Josiane Lederman, MD - Dermatology Associates, Staten Island, NY


  • "Having the excimer laser as part of our armamentarium against psoriasis has brought us many patients who are seeking a clinic that is state of the art"

    "I think it’s important to stay on top of new technology and having the excimer laser as part of our armamentarium against psoriasis has brought us many patients who are seeking a clinic that is state of the art, who has the latest treatments and new treatments for psoriasis..."  Read More


    Robert Beer, Robert Beer, MD – Balfour Dermatology, Brentwood, CA


  • "I am extremely pleased how effective the Pharos has been for my scalp psoriasis patients"

    "I am extremely pleased how effective the Pharos has been for my scalp psoriasis patients, especially those who have not responded to topical treatments. It has also been exceptionally effective for intertriginous lesions and vitiligo. The Pharos has been completely reliable in our high volume practice. Ra Medical's..."  Read More


    Jerry Bagel, MD - Winsor Dermatology and Psoriasis Treatment Center of Central New Jersey, Winsor, NJ


  • "I'll Sing Their Praises!"

    "A model vendor. I will sing their praises to my peers anytime."


    Eitan Homa, MD – Dermatology Associates of the Bay Area, Hercules, CA


  • "Ra Medical Systems is an outstanding company"

    "Ra Medical Systems is an outstanding company. Over the years of ownership, we have had very few minor service issues with our laser and they have been handled rapidly, efficiently and without recurrence. The ownership experience with this particular laser system, as an owner of multiple laser systems..."  Read More


    David Vasily, David Vasily, MD – Lehigh Valley Dermatology, Bethlehem, PA


  • "It definitely works"

    "When I started treatments, about a quarter of my face was affected. Now, after 32 treatments, the treated areas are more than 85% repigmented. People who did not see me before cannot detect I ever had vitiligo. If I had vitiligo any other place, I would definitely get..."  Read More


    Anonymous Patient, A.D. Dermatology Associates, Seattle, WA


  • "Efficient and simple operation."

    "We are enjoying our Pharos laser and are happy with the efficiency and simpler operation. Patients are also happier than with our previous excimer laser."


    Usha Sood, MD - Harper Dermatology Laser Beauty Center, Roseville, MI


  • "Wicked Happy"

    "Wicked happy with the laser and the company."


    Theodore Daly, MD – Garden City Dermatology, Garden City, NY


  • "Won’t harm healthy skin"

    "We’ve used traditional light therapy for psoriasis treatment for a long time, but the Pharos will allow us to treat the patient with fewer sessions that reach deeper in the affected skin. However, because only the psoriasis plaques are treated, we won’t harm healthy skin around them."


    Malinee Saxena, MD - My Dermatologist, Inver Grove Heights, MN


  • "The excimer laser is very efficient"

    "Patients who are excellent candidates for the excimer laser are patients with more localized plaque psoriasis of elbows, knees, buttocks, or as an add-on adjunctive therapy after full body NB UVB exposure in our phototherapy box. The excimer laser is very efficient in clearing flexural crease psoriasis, as..."  Read More


    David Vasily, David Vasily, MD – Lehigh Valley Dermatology, Bethlehem, PA


  • "The only treatment that has ever worked for my scalp"

    "The Pharos is the only treatment that has ever worked for my scalp. I've tried injections, creams, shampoos, oral medications, and none of it worked. But, since I started the laser treatments, my scalp has cleared more than 85%. There is no pain or side-effects."


    Gary D., Patient, Riverside, CA


  • "No more steroids for my patients."

    "Our practice is the first in Milpitas to offer the state-of-the-art Pharos excimer laser therapy for psoriasis, vitiligo, and atopic dermatitis. The Pharos is painless, there is no downtime, and treatments are often covered by insurance. Laser treatments are ideal for difficult to treat areas including the elbows..."  Read More


    Katherine Hong Do, MD - Katherine Hong Do Dermatology, Milpitas, CA


  • "Excellent results."

    "We have had excellent results using the Pharos to treat patients."


    Arlo Miller, MD – Miller Family Dermatology, Issaquah, WA


  • "Remission of psoriasis for up to 6 months"

    "Fortunately, our dermatologists are well-versed in psoriasis and the many treatments available. Our practice is one of a few that offers Pharos excimer laser treatments, which deliver focused narrowband UVB light that can provide remission of psoriasis for up to 6 months."


    Franziska Ringpfeil, MD – Ringpfeil Advanced Dermatology, Haverford, PA


  • "Less expensive than renting."

    "If you are renting an excimer, you might find it's actually less expensive to purchase the Pharos device."


    Jerome Potozkin, MD, Danville, CA


  • "The new Pharos laser is extremely fast"

    "The new Pharos laser is extremely fast with treatments times approximately one-half that of our previous unit. In addition, the unit runs at a much cooler level, allowing you to keep the unit in a reasonably sized space without overheating patients, staff, or the device itself."


    David Vasily, David Vasily, MD – Lehigh Valley Dermatology, Bethlehem, PA


  • "Favorite treatment for localized psoriasis plaques."

    "One of my favorite treatments for localized psoriasis plaques is the targeted excimer laser."


    Charles Camisa, MD – Riverchase Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, Naples, FL


  • "No more buying codes or paying rent."

    "I would be happy to be a reference for the Pharos laser. Our patients love it and no more buying codes or paying rent."


    Mary Sue Parent, Practice Manager - Brighton Dermatology and Regenesis, Brighton, MI


  • "I am experiencing remission for the first time in my life."

    "I've had moderate psoriasis since I was a child. My doctor told me he could help me achieve remission with the Pharos excimer laser. I was skeptical, but now, for the first time in 10 years, I can wear short-sleeves and a bathing suit. I am experiencing remission..."  Read More


    Marilyn R., Patient, Encino, CA


Case Studies

  • 1st DABRA Patient Treated Remains Patent 4 Years Post-Procedure

    Dr. Mahmud describes the first-ever DABRA case performed. The patient presented with a short SFA lesion, not crossable with a wire. DABRA crossed and re-canalized the vessel, after which angioplasty with a low pressure balloon at 2 atmospheres was performed. No drug coated balloons or stents were used, and there was no dissection. The patient remains asymptomatic 4 years post-procedure. “It was remarkable. It was very smooth. It was successful, and 4 years later the patient remains patent.” Ehtisham Mahmud, MD, FACC, FSCAII, UC San Diego Cardiovascular Clinic... Continue Reading
  • Treating Her Own Daughter’s Psoriasis with the Pharos

    Dr. Elizabeth Jacobson is a board-certified dermatologist at Inverness Dermatology & Laser. She is also a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery. Dr. Jacobson treats all her patients with genuine compassion. But one particular patient is especially close to her heart—her daughter. Dr. Jacobson's daughter is 8 years old and has suffered from scalp psoriasis for 2 years. Despite twice-daily intensive topical treatments and medications prescribed by her dermatologist mom, her psoriasis continued to worsen. She had itchy, scaly sores on her scalp and behind her ears that she…... Continue Reading