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Ra Medical Systems was founded in 2002 by Dean Irwin and Melissa Burstein to design, develop, and commercialize excimer lasers for the treatment of dermatologic and cardiovascular diseases. Its flagship product, Pharos, launched in 2004 and revolutionized the dermatology world with its technological advancements and game-changing business model of affordable ownership with unlimited use.

Staying true to the values upon which the company was founded, Ra Medical Systems continued to be a private, clinically-oriented, scientifically-driven organization, focusing on self-funding its growth organically and sustainably. Maintaining profitability year after year by strategic cost management while exponentially growing revenue from Pharos laser sales in the US and internationally, profits were reinvested internally to fund the development of its cardiovascular laser and catheters.

In 2012, the first patients were treated with Ra Medical Systems’ cardiovascular DABRA catheter and laser system in a pilot study conducted outside the United States.

Over the past decade, Pharos has helped hundreds of thousands of patients triumph over difficult-to-treat skin diseases and gain more confidence in their appearance and themselves. Ra Medical Systems’ Pharos has transformed their lives.

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Our Pledge To You

We, Ra Medical Systems, pledge to provide the highest quality, innovative technology that improves patients’ lives. We will do so with honesty and integrity, transparency in our actions, accountability for our products, and mindfulness of our responsibilities to our customers, their patients, and our shareholders.

A Legacy of Innovation

Ra Medical Systems was founded on three fundamental beliefs:

  • Excimer laser medicine could save and change lives for the better.
  • A totally new kind of company, built differently than those before it, could fulfill its potential.
  • The company must merge innovative science with pragmatic entrepreneurship, create a culture of smart, cost-effective decision making and personal accountability, and deliver better, safer, faster, and cheaper lasers and catheters.

This is the company we have built. This is the culture we have created. And this is the mission that drives us forward every day.


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