DABRA Atherectomy System

DABRA Key Features

  • Crosses CTOs
  • Tracks the True Lumen
  • Fast Ablation
  • Effective in All Significant Lower Vessels
  • Works on All Lesion Types

Pivotal study results demonstrated 95% Success with No Adverse Events.

Product Videos

Tracks True Lumen

Dr. Mahmud explains how the DABRA Catheter tends to track the true lumen in one of the most successful cases performed at UC San Diego during Ra Medical Systems’ pivotal study.

“We were able to stay within the true lumen and recanalize with this laser catheter without a wire in front. It was very impressive.”

No Guidewire

Dr. Ansari describes how the wireless DABRA safely and effectively crosses CTOs, by breaking the cap and following the true lumen.

“The differentiation part that separates it from other devices is that it is wireless. The end of the catheter is large enough to break the cap. This is a very safe device…, not only is it able to find the true lumen, but if you are wrong, it won’t hurt anyone, won’t cause perforation.”

Ehtisham Mahmud, MD, FACC, FSCAII - UC San Diego Cardiovascular Clinic

Athar Ansari, MD. California Heart & Vascular Clinic

Ablates all Lesion Types

DABRA photochemically ablates all types of plaque including soft and hard calcium, thrombus, and atheroma. It breaks the bonds of the material directly in front of the catheter tip, reducing plaque into its fundamental chemistry, minimizing downstream debris. DABRA ablation is non- thermal, non-acoustic, and non-mechanical.

Full Catheter Tip Forward Cutter

DABRA Catheter is a full catheter tip forward cutter. It rapidly and completely ablates only material directly in front of the catheter tip, thereby protecting the vessel walls from subintimal penetration or perforation.

DABRA Atherectomy Procedure

Clinical Results Before, During, and After
  • 83 Year Old Male

    Location: Right SFA
    Length: 17cm

  • 61 Year Old Male

    Location: Left Popliteal

  • 80 Year Old Male

    Location: Peroneal

  • 65 Year Old Female

    Location: Left SFA

  • 74 Year Old Male

    Location: Left Popliteal
    Length: 1cm

  • 67 Year Old Male

    Location: Right SFA
    Length: 10cm

  • Anonymous

    Location: Anterior Tibial Artery

  • 72 Year Old Male

    Location: Left SFA