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DABRA Benefits:

  • Safety. DABRA is designed to track the patient’s true lumen, or the center of the artery, and not to penetrate between the layers of the arterial structure known as the subintimal space. No serious adverse events were reported in our 2017 pivotal study, which followed 38 subjects for 180 days, or reported in our post-market surveillance for DABRA.
  • Efficacy. Unlike many treatments for PAD that do not remove plaque, DABRA employs photochemical ablation to disintegrate plaque by breaking its chemical bonds, thereby reducing the plaque to the components of its fundamental chemistry without generating potentially harmful particulates. We believe that eliminating plaque while minimizing injury to the arterial wall may minimize the rate of restenosis. We followed 38 subjects from our pivotal study to 180 days thereafter and all the subjects were determined to be completely free of target lesion revascularization, or the need to retreat the lesion.
  • Utility. DABRA enables physicians to remove plaque from long and calcified lesions in arteries located in the lower extremities both above- and below-the-knee. DABRA is able to cross and debulk a wide variety of plaque, removing vascular blockages that other products are unable to cross without the use of a guidewire.
  • Cost and Time Efficient. DABRA is fast and easy to use. The average lasing time in our pivotal study was approximately 2.5 minutes per procedure. DABRA’s easy setup and fast ablation speed reduce both treatment and fluoroscopy time, or X-ray exposure time, for the patient, physician, and staff, improving the providers’ patient throughput.

DABRA Atherectomy Procedure

Clinical Results Before, During, and After
  • 83 Year Old Male

    Location: Right SFA
    Length: 17cm

  • 61 Year Old Male

    Location: Left Popliteal

  • 80 Year Old Male

    Location: Peroneal

  • 65 Year Old Female

    Location: Left SFA

  • 74 Year Old Male

    Location: Left Popliteal
    Length: 1cm

  • 67 Year Old Male

    Location: Right SFA
    Length: 10cm

  • Anonymous

    Location: Anterior Tibial Artery

  • 72 Year Old Male

    Location: Left SFA